Choreography and Performance: Dance Plant Collective

Sound Composition and Editing: Flo Wilson

Video and Lighting Design: Nocturnal

Costume Design: RUBY

This work was commissioned by the New Zealand Maritime Museum, who have generously enabled this work to be created at their iconic location.

Maritime Museum is an Auckland landmark, where ocean meets land — and the performance site for Entwined, between KZ-1 and the Museum’s entry. Entwined draws from the fluidity and constant motion of water; its weight as an enveloping body, and the mesmerising pull of waves. All elements overlap in constant harmony. Ropes twist and entwine, suspending the performers in riding motion. Bodies are kaleidoscopic, moving gently and with purpose. A combination of movement, ocean materials and interactive light is woven together by a common thread. This performance will entrance and delight people of all ages.


Dance Plant Collective was formed by a group of performance artists in 2016, out of a shared passion for contemporary dance. Since then, Dance Plant have created and performed four full-length dance works (Desire Line(s), The Cost of Arms and Legs, MEAT and Desperate Late Night Energy) as well as a number of site-specific performances in festivals and galleries. Dance Plant’s vision is to create politically challenging and transformative performance work grounded in an ecological framework. Embracing absurdity and authenticity, the group cites “the spontaneous cross-fertilisation of view-points” to produce startling new material staged in equally surprising spaces. In late 2016, Dance Plant were awarded a 10 month artist residency at Studio One Toi Tū in Ponsonby, and during this time choreographed three full-length works which have collectively won awards in Auckland and Dunedin Fringe Festivals and toured internationally. Dance Plant have collaborated with a number of artists, most recently with Boycrush, the New Zealand electronic indie pop band, and Nocturnal, with whom they are creating a number of multimedia performance works including Entwined as part of Bright Nights and Lite-Moves at Luma Queenstown. In September, Dance Plant will head to Melbourne to create the brand new work STRUCTURE, as recipients of an artist residency programme with Lucy Guerin Inc.


Dance plant will be performing x3 times each night during the Bright Nights festival.

Each performance is approx. 15 minutes long and will run over the following times:

Performance #1: 7.30pm-7.45pm

Performance #2: 8.15pm - 8.30pm

Performance #3: 9.00pm-9.15pm