‘Light Field’ is an immersive, atmospheric lighting installation, designed for the activation of a public space. Looming just over head-height, a series of 36 modular extruded posts, each standing at 2.5 meters high, are brought to life by a dramatic repertoire of lighting effects that range from subtle changes in colour to simulated displays of nature.


The installation is constructed from a series of modular extruded posts that are assembled systematically on a site-specific grid. The ‘Light Field’ created is designed to be viewed, approached and inhabited, offering a 360-degree experience that truly lets one embrace the atmosphere created. The project draws people to it and is designed to stimulate their emotions and senses.


Each post Is packed with programmable LED’s that are automated to create effects of superb accuracy and realism. Accompanying this 3-dimentinal display of light, music and the sounds of nature will surround the installation adding a sense of drama to the atmosphere.


Light field’ is designed to be adaptable to site. Its modular design and grid layout allows the number of posts and arrangement to vary and be reconfigured depending on location. No matter where the location, this immersive, atmospheric lighting installation will active space.