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About the project:

Sarah Jane Blake has spent a lot of time at sea and on watch at night. There is a wonder which forms when seeing a light on the horizon and imagining what sort of ship it could be, what it is carrying, who is inside-magical thoughts occur. The ocean has a distorted time scape as there is no record of history out at sea just the ever changing waves so the imagination bounds. The sailing boat is a symbol of hope, passage and of stories and knowledge crossing between lands. Ships passing in the night, guiding us through the dark, light ships are full of promise guiding us to safe shores. The creation of beauty and magic out of waste.

About the artist:

Sarah-Jane is an artist, theatre designer and deviser. She studied theatre design at the Motley Theatre Design Course, London, UK. Passionate about experimental and community arts recent work includes design for ‘Antigone’ Theatre Behind Bars at Paremoremo prison, ‘The Wild Seed Thief’ Kate Parker for Auckland Theatre Company, ‘Maui Me Te Ra’ Auckland Theatre Company, ‘The Floating Theatre’ Winning Productions, ‘This Way Out’ Mixit, Refugee youth arts, ‘The Rime Of The Modern Mariner’ Playground Collective and ‘The Elephant Thief’ Indian Ink. Her own work investigates dark and macabre themes sometimes with a surreal humor and naive aesthetic. She seduces the viewer into an unexpected world with underlying currents of a bizarre and menacing nature. Man vs Nature and the decline of the environment is a strong theme throughout her work.

This year Sarah-Jane plans to take a fantastical art project to sea. Watch this space and for a ships log see