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Kauri - Maramatanga



The tree of light (Kauri - Māramatanga) is a playful look at New Zealand’s majestic Kauri. The artwork takes inspiration from an indigenous belief that sacred trees stand at the centre of the universe, with roots extending to the underworld and branches held up the heavens. This light sculpture however, features no roots or branches, just a slice of the picture, encouraging the viewer to delve into the depths of our consciousness. When viewing the work the artist encourages us to think of what lies beyond the visible spectrum.

Kauri; strong and magnificent. She outlived the dinosaurs, yet today stands on the brink of its own extinction.  


Joseph Michael’s works strike a magical balance between fine artistry and technical knowledge.

With a passion for the philosophical, Michael seeks out the rare and sublime in the natural world and calls on his dynamic vision and use of cutting-edge technology to interpret it.

He has worked with revolutionary motion control techniques on Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”, built 3D time-lapse rigs and created 360-degree cinema experiences, pushing the boundaries of the technology available to him.

Michael's work has been featured on 60 Minutes and National Geographic. His luminosity series has been shared by hundreds of thousands of people and issued as a limited edition stamp series by New Zealand Post.