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Supported by Auckland Council


Lianne Edwards has a background in science and conservation which is reflected in her art practice.  Her works draw attention to the beauty and complexity of nature and also highlight environmental issues. Creating mixed media works, she selects objects for the stories they tell, their history, symbolism, use/misuse, and travels. Postage stamps featuring images of nature, scientist’s research data, fisheries waste products and beach cast plastics have all featured in her works. Edwards aim is to transform, renew and revalue them.

The works showcased in the light boxes are a selection of recent and other works focusing mainly on the marine environment. For some works, Edwards collaborated with the Sea Cleaners initiative using plastic rubbish collected from the Waitemata Harbour to draw attention to the changing conditions in our seas. For others she liaised with a wildlife scientist creating works that focus attention on one of our most endangered native birds species, the Antipodean Wandering Albatross. The postage stamp works highlight the beauty and fragility of the creatures featured including fish, corals and butterflies.

Lianne Edwards is represented by Whitespace Contemporary Art, Auckland.